LomoAmigo: Singer and Songwriter Ceylan Ertem

Musician Ceylan Ertem couldn’t stop taking pictures despite her busy schedule last November. In this interview, she shares her experience with the Diana F+.

Tell us about yourself.
Love in love, curious, and great laughter and arabesque singer / songwriter.

We know that you love analogue photography. What attracts you to analogue photography? Do you have a particular roll of film or camera that you like to use?

The strange look, calmness, grains and marks of analogue, especially, Mamiya. I have a box of cameras but Mamiya is my love. Also Nikon F-801 is my friend that I love to take with me. Medium format is always special.

How is your relationship with Lomography? Have you been into Lomography before, or are all these new to you?

Lomo cameras captivate with lightness and playfulness. When my big Mamiya or other heavy analogue machines are too heavy to carry around, I take my Lomo with me. Spinner is my favorite camera. I also take many photos with my Holga Panoramic Pinhole.

Ceylan’s photos with Holga and ActionSampler

If you were to describe the Diana F+ in five words, what would you say?

She is a beautiful girl. (: Medium format but she is difficult. Yet, I could only use 2 rolls of film, because I have been very busy. But I love the flash and color gel. They are a lot of fun.

Which is your favorite shot with the Diana F+?

Photos on my friends that I took during the rehearsals. And I liked the street dog photos… (:

Do you use any other analogue objects such as notebooks, LPs, etc?

I use a notebook to write down what comes to my mind during long land journeys. I have a record player; I listen to plenty of albums. That crackling… Some things cannot be exchanged for anything. Now, my mind is set on a typewriter. I will buy tomorrow. My roommate will hate me… (:

What have you been doing recently?

A lot of concerts. I’m so tired … But those moments are expressions, gorgeous. I was sick too, but all are passing stages. Or we think like that, stupid musicians! (:

Any new projects?

Yes, I have. I am thinking about a photo exhibition. I will shoot with my Mamiya. I am not explaining the details now but I am very excited. We have a new project with Ada music. I am waiting for 2014; “Come on baby, there are many things that we’ll make.”

Is there any connection between music and taking pictures?

When writing lyrics, you do not always write stories from your life. You’re listening to the one next to you, you are looking at the table, maybe you’re watching. You are dreaming… You are looking when taking a picture. You are waiting… You’re the main witness to taking the photo. There are poetry photography colors and dance hidden in the music… They’re all the secret lovers. I have an agoraphobia. Sometimes I cannot go to the streets for a day. Music and taking pictures are my therapies.

Which popular culture icons would you like to photograph?

Sezen Aksu, Meredith Monk, Umay Umay and Yıldız Tilbe. (:

Where do you want to be and what would you like to do now?

Now, I want to walk with my best friends on the street of Berlin.

Any handy tips for those just getting their hands on Diana F+ for the first time?

Actually, it is not very difficult. They should take many pictures with different rolls of film (:

written by nural on 2014-03-10 #people #lomoamigo #ceylan-ertem
translated by modasentez

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