Taking Back Tipsters: DIY Tripods


Blurred shots are only desirable once in a blue moon. 9 out of 10 times, you’d trash them and get mad at yourself for wasting a frame. You can avoid having these blurred problems if you bring a tripod. If that’s too cumbersome for you, we have a few DIY solutions in this week’s Taking Back Tipsters!

Tripods are a pain to bring. That’s why we have these DIY alternatives that you can bring out of your camera bag in a pinch to make sure that you get the shot you want in all of its sharp and non-blurred glory. Check them out!

Photo from hackedgadgets.com

Bottle Cap Camera Tripod

While out shooting, you probably have a bottle of water handy. Just fashion this DIY bottle cap at home and you’ll always have a makeshift tripod at your fingertips!

Photo from Instructables

DIY Bean Bag Tripod

The easiest way to stabilize your shot is to put it on an even surface. If the surface is uneven though, you’re going to need a bean bag!

Photo from Instructables

DIY String Monopod

A piece of string and some nuts and bolts are all it takes in getting blur-free photos. This tipster is simple and takes up no space in your bag!

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