Scanning Full Body Portraits


After you finish all the film you need to scan, why stop there? Scan your whole body to create a surreal portrait!

Your scanner can do plenty of things aside from digitizing your negatives. You get to digitize your documents, get some nifty macro shots out of it, and in this case, do a whole body portrait! Artist Till Könneker made full-sized portraits of his closest friends using a scanner. You can find out how he did it in the video below, but basically he has his subject lying on the ground as he scans pretty much every part of the body and just stitches it together later in the computer. This of course, creates lots of distortions and bizarre shapes, all of which lend to the otherworldly-ness of his portraits.

Check it out!

written by cruzron on 2014-01-24 #videos #gear #tutorials #diy #portrait #tipster #scanner

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