LomoAmigo: The Away Days


This month’s LomoAmigo is an indie band from Istanbul - The Away Days. The band shot its personal musical world with the Lomography’s Fisheye No.2. Take a look at their wonderful photos and read our interview with the band’s guitarist and lead vocals, Oğuzcan Özen.

Tell us something about your band.

Oğuzcan: We are a band. We like to create music that we like. And I’m happy to be part of it.

What do you like most about analogue photography?

O: Analogue things are always better than digital. I love analogue stuffsmore. For the first time, someone gave me a camera gift and that excited me the most.

If you would describe the Fisheye , what would you say?

O: I wish my own eyes could see the world like the Fisheye.

Please share at least one of your favourite shots.

O: When I went to SXSW festival in Austin, I took a photo from balcony of the house. There was a lake ahead of us. That was very lovely scenery.

Do you use other analogue stuff, like notebooks and records, among others?

O: Yes, records are my favorite. I sometimes play a record during my bus trips. (Just kidding!) I love our analogue guitar pedals.

What has The Away Days been up to lately?

O: We produce, produce and produce.

Do you have new projects?

O: We are going to publish our new single. We are taking it slow and we are going to start to shoot our video clips.

Do you think that there is some link between music and photography?

O: I think that in every art, there is a link to connect every one of them. Album artworks have deep meanings like tracks in the album.

Which public figure would you like to take photos of?

O: I would like to shoot Lucy Rose.

What do you want to do and where would you want to be right now?

O: Probably in the Middle East, in a town that hasn’t lost its culture yet. I want to build a studio there, hang out and make music.

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