Create More Colorful Double Exposure Photos Using Gradient Colors!

2014-01-25 9

One day I had the idea to make color gradients with my computer and picture editing program and some other stuff to give my pictures a touch of color. You can also do it analogue style with rainbow paper!

At first I generated different color gradients and shot them on my monitor. I shot a complete roll and rewound them back in so I can shoot with them using my other cameras. But they lied a long time in a box and are still waiting to be used.

Fortunately, I saved the gradients on my computer because I underexposed a DIY redscale film with closeups using my Belair. I invested some time to measure the film for the shots so I really wanted to get great results. Then I had the idea to do a second exposure on the normal side with the gradients. During the process, I was worried what the results will look like. But luckily for me, it turned out alright! Here are my results:

Credits: pearlgirl77

I was so happy about the pictures that I repeated the process immediately. I loaded a roll in my Belair and shot gradients on the normal side of the film. I did the process again and did a redscale film using the Belair. Here are the results:

Credits: pearlgirl77

Because I like the photos, I did another using my Horizon camera. I thought that with this dismal weather, a little bit of color could be nice and just look at what great pictures I got with it:

Credits: pearlgirl77

I think it looks like a light leak on some photos and I simply love it! Surely I’ll do this again. The next time will be with the LC-Wide and the half frame setting so i don’t have the “bar” on the pictures. I already have one roll prepared to be shot in dreary weather!

Enjoy shooting with gradients!
Your Pearlgirl

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  1. g4rrick
    g4rrick ·

    This is a really good way to fake Revlog film!

    How exactly did you shot the gradients? ... I have a rough guess at how to do flat lens cameras but can't figure out how you managed to do it on the Horizon without washing the shots out?

  2. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @g4rrick i shot the gradients from my monitor for the horizon with the porst 135cm auto (like lc-a).. sharpnes isn't intressting at this moment ;)

  3. g4rrick
    g4rrick ·

    So just making sure the monitor edges were out of view and just taking picture of the screen on a low brightness?

  4. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @g4rrick yes.. you could make the same with a slr.. on the brightness of the monitor i don't take any settings.. the slr or lc-a do the right time... when you use a 200 Iso film just shot ond 400.

  5. g4rrick
    g4rrick ·

    @pealgirl77 that makes a lot more sense to make sure its exposed properly ... I need to leave work and try this now!

  6. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @g4rrick ;) yes i forgot it to write it in the tipster.. hope it works and give me the link then please !

  7. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Very interesting. Maybe I'll try this with the Holga. Also, I like the vertical panoramic shots.

  8. ctno3
    ctno3 ·

    Great idea

  9. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @bsdunek thanks a lot.. and yes do it! i will try it with the diana or pentacon six.. i will see ;)

    @ctno3 thanky ;)

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