First Photo of the Year Rumble Winners Announcement

2014-01-22 13

The first photo we take for 2014 somewhat dictates how our new year is going to be. Here are five Lomographers who are starting the year right!

Credits: poepel

Firsts are always good and memorable, especially if its the first analogue photo you took for the year! We got an interesting assortment of photos in the First Photo of the Year Rumble, from the obligatory New Year’s party photos, family shindigs, to gorgeous landscapes. We had to narrow it down to five winners though, and here they are. Congratulations!

Credits: robertofiuza
Credits: ishifishy
Credits: juniardigiugno
Credits: nickpage
Credits: simonesavo

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Wow, traktir ah @juniardigiugno 8D

  2. ekeupratama
    ekeupratama ·

    @hervinsyah @juniardigiugno wah traktir apaan?

  3. juniardigiugno
    juniardigiugno ·

    thank you :)

  4. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @ekeupratama traktir dimsum nu di foto na si @juniardigiugno =9

  5. artlens
    artlens ·

    ciee @juniardigiugno

  6. beblo
    beblo ·

    Congratulations to the five winners.

  7. poepel
    poepel ·

    @cruzron thanks for selecting my photo for the cover. It is also my first picture for 2014.
    by the way congrats to all winners.

  8. syahri
    syahri ·

    Selamat @juniardigiugno

  9. devildi
    devildi ·

    congrats :-)

  10. robertofiuza
    robertofiuza ·


  11. avola
    avola ·

    congrats to all of you @poepel, @robertofiuza, @ishifishy, @juniardigiugno, @nickpage and @simonesavo!

  12. poepel
    poepel ·

    @avola thanks but i didn`t won.

  13. ishifishy
    ishifishy ·

    Thank you and Congratulations guys :)

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