Luminous light painting lomographs taken with the La Sardina

2014-01-22 3

Who says paintings are strictly to be created using paints and canvasses?

If you’ve been a Lomographer for a while, chances are, you’ve already tried your hand in light painting. And why not? Not only is it exciting to finally see your creations when the photos are developed, the act itself is fun and definitely keeps your creative juices flowing.

Credits: ghabynha, icuresick, zekalinova, bia_tacconi, ishifishy, suizidekid, okbrandon, jenniferho, serenityting, noelyn & toasthawaii

The photos in this gallery were taken by our brilliant community members with their *La Sardina* cameras. It has the Bulb setting, among other features, that makes long exposure shots possible!

Raring to dabble with light painting yourself? Know everything you need to learn about this technique by reading the Lomography Guide to Light Painting!

Get ready to sail the high seas with our new La Sardina collection! These 35mm cameras are equipped with spectacular wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, and a rewind dial—everything you need for fun-filled and thrill-soaked escapades. Get your own La Sardina camera now!

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  1. chooolss
  2. ghabynha
    ghabynha ·

    Wow! What a pleasure to be featured here!

  3. ishifishy
    ishifishy ·

    Awesome article !! Thank you :)

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