My Analogue Resolution: Don't Waste Film

2014-01-24 1

2013 was the saddest year of my analogue life. Want to know why? Read after the jump.

Viewing hundreds of popular “don’t-think-just-shoot” photos at made me want to do that too. So I always don’t think when I shoot my subjects. But, the results always dissatisfied me which made me throw a lot of my cliche shots to the waste basket.

Until one day, I tried to have one of my Kodak E100SW cliche shots re-scanned. I just got curious about Kodak E100SW color because when I first developed and scanned this film at Nasir Foto in Bandung, Indonesia, I got normal and color negative-like photos when I scanned my slide/positive photos. So, I had it re-scanned at Seni Abadi in Bandung, Indonesia. I was surprised by the appreciation of many lomographers. This re-scanned photo became one of the Most Popular Photos Uploaded in 2013

Credits: hervinsyah

The photo above really changed my mind. I have thousands of cliche photos thrown into my cliche “waste basket” that I’m thinking of re-scanning because I have already deleted all my “fail” photos from my laptop.

Credits: hervinsyah

A photo that I don’t like ending up popular and liked by everyone else (or vice-versa) is something that continues to confuse me. If I delete a popular photo that I don’t like, I will most likely disappoint the people who wasted their time for liking and commenting on the photo. The problem is I never (can’t and don’t want) to ask or force people to like a photo that is my favorite.

Influenced by the journalistic discipline I acquired from my studies, I usually take a look at the works of World Press Photo winners. Looks like there are no mistakes in those award-winning photos. It makes me an imperfect snap-shooter turned perfectionist and award winner wannabe. And I hate that!

Credits: hervinsyah

News value is always on my mind.

Credits: hervinsyah

But, I also learn that there’s more value at lomography.

Credits: hervinsyah

Saturated colors, double exposures, splitzed photos, exposing both sides, etc.

Credits: hervinsyah

All of those methods were already shown in a 1970s photo magazine that I saw at a local flea market in Bandung. But still, happiness is the most important thing that I feel out of living a serious analogue life.

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