Developing Film With Lego Mindstorms

2014-01-20 1

Are you a Lego fan? Who isn’t? Watch below as photographer Jan van den Broek pitches the idea of an automated developing machine using Lego Mindstorms!

If for some reason you want to automate the development process in the darkroom, today is your lucky day! Dutch photographer Jan van den Broek shared the idea of automating the darkroom development process using Lego Mindstorms

For those unfamiliar, Lego Mindstorms are still the building blocks we’ve all come to know and love, but with sensors, motors, and gears involved. It goes without saying that the Mindstorms kits are marketed towards the advanced user.

Anyway, van den Broek incorporates the Mindstorms kit to his development process. He basically has 5 tanks of liquids: a pre-soaking tank, a developer tank, a bleach tank, a fixed and a stabilizer.The Lego machine is used to transfer the film to each of the 5 tanks. The whole thing isn’t perfect so far, but it’s still an incredible idea!

Have a look at how it works below!

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