Monday Moodboard: Going on the Road


Today’s inspiration comes in the form of these black and white photographs taken by photographer Harry Culy during road trips around his native New Zealand.

Photo by Harry Culy via Feature Shoot

*Harry Culy* has spent a considerable amount of time overseas. Upon his return, he went on a series of road trips around the country and took photos that are now collectively known as By the Wayside. While New Zealand is usually associated with colorful photographs of its beautiful scenery, Culy’s monochromatic series depict what could be called the rarely-seen side of the country.

Photo by Harry Culy via Feature Shoot

Going on a road trip is a fun and exhilarating experience in itself, more so when the destination is the place of your youth. There’s that excitement of going back to the places you once spent a lot of time in and seeing again the people you have known, and discovering what have eventually become of them. Not all of us may have gone abroad for some time and returned, yet I think most of us can relate to the feeling of rediscovering one’s origin. I, myself, am one of those who lived all my life in the city but whose roots lay in another province.

In December, my mom and I are set to go back to my birthplace in Albay (which is about a 10 to 12-hour drive from Manila) after more than a decade for a cousin’s wedding and family reunion. I think I’m going to emulate Culy and take photos of my own – maybe even those showing the famous Mount Mayon?

We’re still 11 months away from it, sure, but I’m already looking forward to it.

All information in this article were sourced from Feature Shoot.

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