Fuji Instax Mini: Super sharp and Picture Perfect!


The first time I noticed these small instant photos I didn’t really know what to make of them. Yes, they were nice, colorful and sharp. But why were they so tiny? What was their use? About 10 packs of film later I now know exactly what they are: the Fuji Instax Mini are the perfect little pictures to save the moment in an instant! And to share it with friends!

Credits: sandravo

Over the last 6 months I have shot quite a bit of Instax Mini photos. And the more I used this format, the more I grew to like and appreciate it. There are plenty of reasons to use the Instax Mini film, but to keep things clear I just listed the ones that are most convincing for me.

Credits: sandravo

1. Super-Sharp:

Every single photo I have ever made on Instax Mini film has come out razor-sharp. And that’s no small feat. given the tiny size of these photos! Obviously, the closer you get to the subject, the more detail you’ll get. Which makes this film perfect for portraits in particular.

Sharp and detailed portraits:

Credits: sandravo

When things are further away, details get lost. The horse looks great, but the two kids are a bit fuzzy.

Credits: sandravo

2. Very colorful:

Using Instax Mini film is a pleasure when shooting colorful scenes as the film captures them all! No matter the light condition, colors tend to come out rather saturated. No bleak results! Sometimes for no particular reason, colors do seem to change hue a bit (have a look at the pics below). But despite the saturation and the change in hue, skin tone seems to come out looking very natural which is a big plus!

The wall in the following picture was some sort of teal color, not the blue that shows here

Credits: sandravo

3. Experiments:

Instax Mini film is not just a regular instant film. Luckily for the true Lomographer, it does allow you to experiment a bit whether that is with double exposures, long exposures or even redscaling! As long as your camera is up for it, so is the Instax Mini film!

Double exposure in the dark: first layer of X-mas lights, second layer flash portrait

Credits: sandravo

Double long exposure: shot the same candle twice, long exposure, no flash (it’s one of those color changing candles.)

Credits: sandravo

Mimicking redscale effect on instax: you can read all about it here

Credits: sandravo

4. Perfect size:

Even though I wasn’t too impressed with the tiny size at first, over time I have come to really like it. Their small size makes them perfect to keep them in your wallet or purse, stick them on the fridge or your car’s dashboard, or hand them out to whoever you shared that special moment with. The Instax Mini is the perfect film to use when you go visit friends and family, as you can easily leave a nice moment behind.

5. Multiple cameras:

Another good thing about the Instax Mini film is that it works with a great variety of cameras, so you can be sure you’ll find your perfect match. Originally this film was developed for use with Fuji Instax cameras which come in all sizes and colors. But I have never been a big fan of the rather bulky and odd looking Instax cameras. So when I first wanted to try the Instax film I opted for the LC-A/LC-W instant back instead. Both cameras do a great job when paired with Instax film and I have always been very happy with the results. But when the Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic version came out last year I didn’t think twice… This was one camera I had to have! And I love it!

Credits: sandravo

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