Erin Antognoli and Her Amazing Overlapping Images Taken Using a Holga Camera


Camera control freaks, you may want to cover your eyes for this or better yet, don’t! Photographer Erin Antognoli creates these wonderful images using one of the most unpredictable yet well-loved plastic cameras there is, the Holga. See more of her photographs after the break.

Photo by Erin Antognoli

Lacking control over your camera can be a quite unpleasant experience. A lot of us can be witnesses to that. You still got your lens cap on while you shot that majestic sunset or you forgot you had a different ISO setting on your LC-A or maybe you forgot to account for the parallax error in your camera. All of these things are just in a day’s work for photographer *Erin Antognoli* when she shoots with her favorite Holga camera – an unpredictable medium-format beauty.

Photos by Erin Antognoli

The medium-format camera Holga can produce some amazing photos with its soft and dreamy effects, iconic vignettes and the occasional light leaks. With that said, along with the unpredictable advance control of the Holga (some would argue that there’s basically no film control) Antognoli had shot some amazing photos that meld different images into one frame.

Photos by Erin Antognoli

Erin Antognoli almost exclusively shoots on black and white film and with great effect. Her overlapping photos of different cityscapes show a different perspective on how common surroundings and happenings can be seen all around us. Antognoli makes these crazy beautiful accidents with calculated effort as she mastered the Holga with all its unpredictable glory. Just look at these photos and we bet that you’ll be nodding in agreement by the time you finish browsing through them.

Erin Antognoli is a sculptor and photographer based in the Washington DC Metro Area. She shoots with her Holga camera frequently and has done some wedding photography with her Holga camera as well. You can click here to see more of her Holga shots and her other works.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Holgajen and Erin Antognoli’s site.

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