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It’s already 2014 and you still haven’t tried the magic that is the LC-A yet? What are you waiting for? This beautiful black classic is an experience like no other. If for some reason you still aren’t convinced, here’s what Lomographers have to say, in this week’s Reviews on Rewind.

Credits: cruzron

The LC-A, And Why You Should Take the Plunge by cruzron

The biggest reason to get the LC-A is that it simply takes great pictures. There’s a reason that the LC-A still thrives today. It wouldn’t get to where it is today by producing meh photos. Whether you’re a fan of lush landscapes, intimate portraits, or gritty street photography, the LC-A will deliver in spades.

My Adventures with a Lomo LC-A Loaded with Kodak GB 200 Film by sirio174

My first lomographic series with my Lomo LC-A+ was taken with a Kodak Gold 200 film roll. The film was developed and scanned with a professional Afga mini-lab. I love the great contrast and the vivid colors of this camera and film combination.

LC-A: Your Perfect Partner with Low Light by lilithmoon

my LC-A is my perfect light camera to walk with, when I don’t want be loaded down I choice that, and 99% times makes me happy!

Review: A Curious Case of my Lomo LC-A by lomofrue

No matter the weather, the light conditions or even my mood, the Lomo LC-A seems to always deliver the goods. I tried a lot of different films and I can’t say for any of them that my Lomo LC-A didn’t like it. It is one precious camera for sure.

written by cruzron on 2014-01-18 #gear #review #lc-a #lomo #lca #reviews-on-rewind

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