Taking Back Tipsters: LOMO LC-A

2014-01-18 2

Your classic LOMO LC-A is a reliable workhorse that’s probably been around for more than 20 years. Even with its age, there’s still a few tricks up its sleeve that you can learn from. Here’s this week’s Taking Back Tipsters!

Classics are called classics for a reason. The LOMO LC-A has stood the test of time and still remains as relevant when it first came out of the factory. Even with this vintage, there’s still a new thing or two you can learn from it, from fooling its lightmeter, to removing the rust from its metal body. Check out the Tipsters we’ve collected below!

Fooling Your LC-A's Lightmeter by cruzron

The LC-A’s lightmeter is a trusty tool to have, but sometimes you just want to override it because of external conditions. It’s quite simple to do!

How to do Easy Multiple Exposures with your Classic LC-A! by wafflesaurus

If you have the old and classic LC-A, it doesn’t have the MX button for easy multiple exposures. Here’s a simple hack you can do so you can enjoy doing doubles in the future!

My LC-A, Rusted?! by lilithmoon

Being made of metal, the LC-A can get rusted eventually over time. Here are a couple of tips to remove the rust if it does get in.

Credits: dhuffone

LC-A & LC-W Tip: Always Check for Fresh Batteries! by denisesanjose

Sounds simple, but it’s pretty sound advice. Always have fresh batteries handy, lest your camera conks out on you!

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  1. micky_s
    micky_s ·

    i like my lc-a, but the whole battery thing is precisely why this is not my everyday workhorse camera! Instead i <3 my Smena 8m to pieces! everything you could want or need!

  2. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    I love both of my LC-A's as well. One of them needs the felt/foam light seals on the back door replaced and I was thinking I might try some felt or similar since that's sort of what's there already. But first I think I will scrape the old stuff out and go shoot a roll in bright sun to see what kinds of leaks I get. Batteries wise, I don't have a problem with a camera that needs batteries, I keep a set handy for most my cameras in the bag or with me when I'm out. But I do admit that sometimes it can be frustrating, especially of the batteries die and you are in the middle of a cool photo vibe and have to stop and replace them.

    @micky_s - I have my first Smena 8m on the way and look forward to trying it. Funny how some of my favorite cameras are the old vintage Russian ones :D

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