Photo of the Day by albeelee


Akin to an acrylic painting, this image of a young girl against a rhapsody of hues plays tricks on one’s senses.

Credits: albeelee

Don’t let your eyes deceive you. That isn’t a psychedelic painting you’re looking at. It’s a color-drenched photograph of a beautiful young lady having a staring match with the lens of a camera.

*Albeelee* captured this extraordinary vision using an Olympus OM 1 camera loaded with Fuji Sensia film at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan. If you want to see more of albeelee’s artisitic shots, check out this album.

Congratulations to albeelee on winning a well-deserved POTD award.

written by jillytanrad on 2014-01-17 #news #potd #albeelee

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