Just Repaint Your La Sardina!


Because I won a La Sardina Telefonbuch edition and had no DIY version of the camera, this La Sardina had to suffer my crafting and tinkering wrath.

I’ve been thinking about redesigning the La Sardina for a long time. But when I discovered a tipster by phalanx, in which he explains exactly how you can disassemble the camera, I just had to do it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A small Phillips head screwdriver
  • A scalpel or a craft knife
  • Varnish / paint
  • Brush / sponge paint roller (for the sponge I cut off just a piece of a household sponge)

First, I disassembled the camera using phalanx’s tipster! I glued the small metal discs from the front and the knobs on a sticky plastic wrap to paint them. I did this so I could just pull it off when it dried and glue it to the camera again.

I opted for plastic colors in green and black which I bought at a craft store. For this, I used a weatherproof and quick drying clear coating.

For the front and rear panel, I took a paint roller and just went crazy with the paint. I got a nice even result with it, though. I painted each part in thin layers for about three times.

For the other parts, I painted them with a sponge. It was more like patting the paint on but I was surprised to see that it worked great! I used a paint brush for the parts where I can’t use the sponge on. I used the brush for the lens and left some places free of paint so I’d still be able to read the text. I painted the parts green at first and then I put sublime black paint on the other parts using the sponge.

At first, it looked slightly messy on my dining room table. That’s because I had to let the color dry before I continued painting.

I also disassembled the flash, which was very easy as far as it went (I also did the same steps):

Finally, I absolutely wanted to do something with the blank back plates. I printed the lettering on my PC and cut the prints with a scalpel to make some sort of a stencil. Then I put the stencil on the plate and dabbed on it with the sponge and green paint. After that, I refined the lines evenly with a brush.

After all of that, the assembly had to be done. It’s best to remember where the screws belonged to which places when dismantling! When I had assembled the front and back panels, I applied a protective coating over the painted parts. After that, I assembled the other items on the camera which I had previously treated with the clear coat.

Now, this is my finished product:

When I was done with the camera, I could not sleep at night because I still had so many great ideas to pretty up the camera! So if there is anyone else who’s trying to get rid of their La Sardina: Telefonbuchedition in exchange of a beautiful felt bag, just let me know! I made the felt bag myself so you could say it’s a special DIY edition.

Have fun designing and crafting! If you have questions about this, just drop a comment below or send me a message!

Your Pearlgirl77

written by pearlgirl77 on 2014-01-18 #gear #tutorials #art #diy #modify #tipster #camera-modification #repaint #la-sardina
translated by dopa

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