La Sardina Belle Starr: A Metal Star To Fall In Love With!


I, as a La Sardina freak, had to get at least one metal edition camera. I also think that such a beauty shouldn’t be missing in any Lomohome!

Photo taken with a SX-70

I discovered my love for the La Sardina on October 20 at the Lomography Shop opening in Cologne. The random discovery of my all-time favorite camera started at the La Sardina Marathon. I was thrilled by the first results of this little camera.

Credits: pearlgirl77

Eventually the beautiful metal editions came out and I immediately fell in love with the La Sardina Belle Starr. And as my luck would have it, there came a time when you could buy two units for the price of one. I just had to make use of that chance to make a friend happy. I bought the cameras and gave the other one to my friend, Stephen and he had also written a nice (German) blog post.

This beautiful camera is delivered in a beautiful wooden box. The package includes a flash and four color filters. If you are already a proud owner of a La Sardina, you’ll agree with me about the nice weight of the camera and that it’s a snug fit in the hand.

I already had a nice experience with the camera at the airport. My “neighbors” on the plane had seen me with this beautiful camera and approached me as we waited for our luggage. They had thought immediately that it must be an analogue camera. They were puzzled by it but said something like my camera was newly produced. We had a nice little chat about photography and the La Sardina!

The La Sardina for me is a perfect travel companion because it is so beautifully compact and you don’t have to think much when you’re shooting with it. And now to talk about the images it can produce. This camera offers wonderful softness and vignetting at the edges:

Credits: pearlgirl77

By now I guess you can see that I’m a La Sardina freak. Here are some of many articles about this wonderful camera:

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Your Pearlgirl

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