Let Her Rip! Fun Sequential Shots Taken Using the Supersampler


Can’t get enough of taking pictures of your most precious analogue moments? Don’t stop at one shot per frame. Multiply the fun with the Supersampler!

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There are just times when one shot is not enough but you still have to consider how many shots you’ve got left in your camera. Want to know the solution to this dilemma? Use a multi-lens camera!

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Shoot action in one frame and let your pictures do the storytelling with the Supersampler! This multi-lens shooter will let you capture sequential photos with just one click of the shutter! The good thing about it is that you can shoot 4 different actions and squeeze it into a cute frame. So whether you’re shooting jumps, slides and cartwheels to flaunt your action photography skills, the Supersampler is the way to go!

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But don’t limit yourself to taking action snaps just yet. You can also use the Supersampler to take portraits and not have to worry about editing them later on! The Supersampler gives you endless possibilities with its multi-lens setup and sequential shooting.

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