#LomoSelfie: Go Take a Selfie with Your Lomo


It’s 2014! Go, selfies! Share “your” world to the world!

A “selfie” is a type of portrait taken using a handheld camera. In 2013, Oxford Dictionaries named “selfie” as their Word of the Year.

Lomo cameras are made with unique designs and effects. This made me curious: what if I use my camera to take selfies? Surprisingly, it was awesome. I don’t usually plan when taking my #LomoSelfie, I do it spontaneously.

To me, shooting selfies doesn’t only mean taking a photo of your face and posting it to social media. To me, selfies can be our tool to share “our” world to the rest of the world. My world can mean my friends and family, or my country and environment.

I take selfies with many Lomo cameras, but my favorite is the LC-Wide.

One common, if not important, form of selfie is taking one of our reflection in the mirror!

Go, selfies! Share “your” world to the world!

written by artlens on 2014-01-17 #lifestyle #indonesia #hawkeye #lc-wide #selfies #artlens #self-friends

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