Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Interview with artist Marco Mucig


After exploring different visual languages ​​with different artistic tools in the end, Marco Mucig chose video as the medium for his craft.

Today he tells us about his experience with the Petzval lens.

Name: Marco Mucig
Country: Italy
Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon FM2

SHORT BIO as found on the artist’s == website.==

Marco Mucig is a creature of the wild. As a child he ran naked in the fields. He was free and happy and then he was captured. He did not complain; his captors were fair and considerate. They gave him pens and cameras; they gave him notebooks and paper. For many years he used these tools to explore different visual languages, until he finally found his own: film. Still, his soul remains uninhabited. Marco makes regular trips back to the mountains where he snowboards. Do not worry for him. He is not lonely. He is part of a community of like-minded individuals. Together they grill food and throw snowballs.

It may not be the usual, straightforward bio you’d expect, filled with hard facts about the person and his accomplishments. We do know that he is a director and that photography and videography are two of his passions, but beyond this information, all that Marco Mucig leaves us with is an air of mystery about him.

Nevertheless, the Milan-based director and photographer took the New Lomography X Zenit Petzval Lens for a test and answered a few questions for us, including some queries regarding his work.

How did you become a professional photographer and director? Are these your dream jobs?

If you ask me this question I immediately have to ask you one myself: are you born a video maker or do you become one? In my case I’ve become one. When I was younger I thought only of spending my spare time with my friends. Then I discovered skateboarding and snowboarding and I fell in love with this world made of photos, videos, images, graphics; and also discovered the will to express oneself. School hasn’t been very helpful. My way has always been to learn on my own. I then understood that this passion could become a profession. I’m the happiest person in the world, waking up in the morning knowing that I can make a living doing what I like most!

What’s the most challenging part of making videos for a living?

Now everyone can do videos and it’s also because of its accessibility that I’ve started doing this job. This, inevitably, raises the competition very much: the internet is full of awesome projects but people who made them can’t necessarily make a living out of these projects. Naturally this happens not only with videos, but also music, graphics, and photography. The differentiating factors are determination, consistency and talent.

How do you strike a balance between commercial and artistic projects? How is the creative process different in each type of project?

Every year I spend some time and resources working on my artistic projects, to experiment and be able to do what you can’t do in commercial projects: make errors.

What is it about analogue photography that especially appeals to you?

What I like about analogue photography, apart from the look, is the factor of unpredictability. As long as the film isn’t developed, the photographer isn’t sure about the result. This condition obliges you to work in a different way, making more careful choices and having more concentration.

How was your experience with the Petzval Lens? Do you have any advice for people that will be using it for the first time?

The blur effect that you get is really special. I really like the look. I also like the manual focus very much; with autofocus digital cameras everything is always super sharp: a softer and sometimes not perfect focus makes photos less artificial.

Which is your favorite picture taken with the lens?

It’s the first I’ve shot with my friend Luc. When I saw the result, I was happy and excited because I had seen that the blur effect worked and I could already create a beautiful series of portraits.

What do you think are the pros of shooting choosing film over digital?

Film lets you preserve images for a much longer time. I’m honestly afraid that I won’t be able to show my daughter the photos I’ve shot when she was born because the hard disk in which they’re stored will be damaged one day.

Thank you! We hope to see more of your shots with the Petzval soon!

See more of Marco’s work on this website.

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