Curious How Light Painting Works? See Our Guide!


Chances are you’ve seen those cool photos with streaks and streams of light scribbled, painted and drawn all over the image. If you’ve been wanting to try those but unsure how to start, we prepared a guide that details everything that you need to know about the Light Painting technique!

Credits: moodification

Light Painting is a fun way to add color and light to your photos. It happens when you control the light that enters the camera’s lens and use it to ‘paint’ something on the photograph. You can use glow sticks, sparklers, a torch or a match to draw or write whatever you want in your photos.

Credits: dogma

The new Light Painting site will guide you into the whole technique! For inspiration, here are a few articles that will definitely tempt you into getting started:

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A Video About Light Painting On Smarter Every Day

Cool Light Paintings Taken Using the Lomo LC-Wide

Credits: paula412

Visit the Light Painting site

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