Powerful Post-Haiyan Photographs by Stephen Dupont


Two months after mammoth Typhoon Haiyan ravaged Central and Eastern Visayas in the Philippines, The New Yorker gives us a glimpse, through the eyes and lens of an Australian photojournalist, of the scenes that followed days after storm. Take a look at some gripping monochrome photos from the Haiyan photo diary of Stephen Dupont after the jump!

Photo by Stephen Dupont via The New Yorker

On November 19, 2013, Stephen Dupont arrived in the municipality of Guian, located on the southernmost tip of Samar Island and one of the hardest hit areas by Typhoon Haiyan. Known locally as “Yolanda,” the storm — the strongest ever recorded at landfall — slammed in Central and Eastern Visayas in the Philippines on November 8, leaving wide-spread damage and devastation in its path.

The aftermath of this heart-wrenching catastrophe and the impact it brought upon the residents of the Visayas region were the subjects of Dupont’s diary and photography during his visit, recently unveiled by The New Yorker's _Photo Booth_.

“Most people are trying to get out as quickly as possible, and I’m trying to get in,” Dupont wrote in his diary, describing what he saw upon his arrival in Guian. “Stepping off the plane was like walking onto some chaotic film set of the ‘Battle of Guadalcanal.’ The World War II airstrip was so busy with planes loading and unloading supplies and people coming in or trying to flee. The U.S. Marine Corps was everywhere … hardware, choppers, and planes. A scene I am more used to seeing in Afghanistan, not in the Philippines.”

Dupont also went to Tacloban, the capital of Leyte province, where he walked across debris of broken wood, destroyed homes, and shops, something he said was like balancing on a tightrope. The photojournalist wanted to “capture not just the environmental damage and devastation but also the human tragedy,” and looking at the gripping photos below, he clearly achieved this goal, don’t you think?

Photos by Stephen Dupont via The New Yorker

Head to The New Yorker to find out more about Stephen Dupont’s story and see more of his powerful post-Haiyan photographs.

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