Frame Your Multiple Exposure Shots Using the Lomography M4/3 Experimental Lens Kit!

2014-02-10 3

This quick and simple tipster is for those who like to see and frame even when using “multiple exposure shutter.”

When I first saw the new *Experimental Lens Kit* for M4/3 digital cameras I was first surprised but very happy to finally see Lomography taking care of the digital shooters! Yes, even on this fabulous website, digital is the way to share the analogue love…right?

I was lucky enough to receive the Experimental Lens Kit as a Christmas gift from my wife, and I first tested it at home. I loved the lenses and the results they produce, I was just disappointed by the fact that if you want to use the “multiple exposures shutter” including in the lenses, you will not be able to frame your pictures as your screen or everything will be all blacked out.

The one I love the most is the 12mm wide-angle lens. With the X2 crop factor applied, you have a nice 24mm lens in 24×36 equivalent format. And as I already own a Leica D-LUX compact digital camera with its optional classic optical viewfinder of 24mm, I soon realized that I will be able to use it with my favorite M4/3 Lomography lens and so I’ll be able to frame correctly when doing multiple exposures!

So the tipster is evident now, if you are like me and you want to control the framing of all your shots, just find an equivalent classic optical viewfinder you can put in the hotshoe of your camera, and you will see the correct framing of your multiple exposure!

So if you want to use the Lomography 12mm Experimental Lens just find a 24×36 24mm viewfinder. The 24mm needs a 24×36 48mm or 50mm viewfinder. And for your Lomography M4/3 Fisheye lens you can use the viewfinder of your Fisheye 2 camera or Diana Fisheye Lens viewfinder or the Holga Fisheye’s, too!

Enjoy and long live Lomography !

P.S. I know sometimes it’s good to shoot from the hip but sometimes it’s exciting to frame your shoot, too!

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  1. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    You have once again convinced me of the correctness of my choice in favor of the cheapest digital cameras without interchangeable lenses. Your set at a cost of passes for 400 Euro, in my opinion it is too expensive for Lomography. I was also disappointed with the need to use an external viewfinder. And what if the first frame of the double you do in the morning and the second in the evening? As such there…
    Good article! Thank you very much!

  2. cherub38
    cherub38 ·

    Sure ! You are right for all what you say here ! It is OK for double exposure on the go, just in the minute ... You can't do as with film cameras ... And ... 400 euros is too much for lomography ! But ... The Experimental Lenses Kit is available, and who doesn't own a digital cam ? OK you can't have a m4/3 ... But for the ones who own one already it is interesting ! I own the G1 since years and use it no more since Lomography released the lenses set ! A new life for it ! You know, even if I re-use it now sometimes, I still prefer my Holgas !!!!

  3. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    @cherub38 I understand you. Lomography has given a new life and for my Canon PowerShot A570, too. ;-)

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