Faking Your Portrait's Background

2014-01-13 1

Want a picturesque background for your portrait but you’re stuck at home? All you need is a fast lens and a nice printer!

Photo by Nick Fancher

Portraits with picturesque backgrounds such as Paris by night always look amazing, but then there’s the whole issue of actually having to be in Paris for it to work. Photographer Nick Fancher has devised a way for you to emulate this look in your portraits, even if you’re stuck at home!

Fancher uses the site rasterbator to blow up an Image of Paris into eight 8×10 sheets. He then assembles the image on the wall and shoots his model with a 2.8 lens wide open. This results in a beautifully blurred Paris background that’ll fool the best of them!

Photo by Nick Fancher

Information for this article was sourced from Nick Fancher

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