Monday Moodboard: We Feel Lonely Sometimes


During the weekend, I had some time to browse through some of my old photos. Doing so reminded me of a photo series I’ve had in mind for quite some time now, about how empty spaces sometimes make me (and perhaps you too) feel lonely. Then, I came across a brilliant photo series which I think also explores this feeling of sadness.

I know I’ve always been compelled to take photos of bare spaces, empty chairs, and deserted places. There’s something about them that I can’t resist capturing. I only realized lately what it is that seems to draw me to these rather melancholic scenes.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

They all make me feel lonely — and we all feel lonely, empty, and alone sometimes.

We may show or see it differently, but I’m sure we all feel loneliness in the same way. I’ve seen many impressive photography projects that explore this feeling, or at least attempt to induce the feeling and idea of solitude. Case in point — and my recent favorite, I should say — is the series of solitary figures in foggy landscapes by Martin Vlach. At first glance, it may be the somber absence of color that coaxes that feeling of loneliness. Moments later, you notice the lone figures set against vast landscapes. Then, you begin to feel like you’re looking at dreamscapes where the solitary figures can’t and won’t seem to escape. It may be any or all of them that makes viewers like me instantly feel lonely.

Photos by Martin Vlach via My Modern Met

I attempt to show loneliness through emptiness, while Martin Vlach lets his solitary characters do the work. What about you — how do you envision and show this emotion through your work?

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