Fuji Instax Mini (Instant/Polaroid, 800 iso) User-Review


Photos In Minutes: What’s the closest thing to going digital in the film arena? Having a Diana Instant Back with Fuji Instax Mini Installed into it!

A few weeks ago, my thesis-mates and I presented our thesis at a conference in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I took this as a perfect opportunity to splurge my money on Lomo-things – specifically the Diana Instaback! This feature of the Diana+ is very apt for a person like me being that I am quite an impatient person. Having lived in a time where everything is done in an instant, I naturally sought this new feature immediately. I traversed across from Kowloon to Hongkong through their intricate yet very detailed MTR. Indeed it was an experience that I would never forget.

Anyway, moving on to the Instax Mini. I bought the back and as soon as I got to our hotel, I went trigger happy. I was extremely pleased with how the photos came out. After about 5-10 minutes, the image had formed there, right before my eyes as if taken from a page of Harry Potter. It was wonderful.

So here’s what I found out after using up two packs of film:

  • Vignetting was best when I shot my subjects against a wall with a my flash mounted on.
  • The film is very temperamental
  • Despite its 400 iso, some of my shots came out underexposed during night shooting. I suggest that you put it on bulb setting and expose the film for about 1-2 seconds.
  • In broad daylight on the other hand, it easily got overexposed.
  • Indoors, it is not advisable to shoot your subjects without a backdraft of some sort. The flash need something to bounce off and sometimes the person you’re shooting is not enough.
  • After about 20-30 minutes of processing, the photos still continues to get darker. I was surprised to find that even a day after I took the shot, it got even darker. It got so dark that The person I had taken a picture of was no longer visible.
  • What I loved most about the film was that I was able to write on its borders to make the pictures even more personalized. best to give them as gifts!

written by takeaphotoitlllastlonger on 2010-04-13 #gear #film #review #instax #fuji #diana-instant-back


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Congrats for your thesis and for this gallery ! 8 )

  2. rodex
    rodex ·

    Too bad instant film is quite expensive. It is awesome to use :)

  3. takeaphotoitlllastlonger
    takeaphotoitlllastlonger ·


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