New Year, New Buddies! Meet My New Cameras for 2014


Since everyone says that the New Year signifies a transition in our lives, I’ve decided to do the same with my photography – taking the leap from digital to analogue. And my decision didn’t come alone.

The Kodak camera I found in a trash can. It was all corroded inside.

New year, new stuff. Last year, I got into a new hobby – photography. I started using a Canon DSLR, and soon I fell in love with my new hobby. Everyday I wished I could go out to shoot. If it was raining, then I would stick at home and try taking some indoor photos. Or cover my entire camera with duct tape and go out anyway.

For 2014, I’ve decided it was time for me to step up my game: jump to analogue. But how? I had no camera, and barely no money for it. Then, as if by destiny, it started to happen. First, my aunt gave me a tripod and a small box. I was so happy with my tripod that I immediately put the box away.

After shooting some photos of stars with it, I decided to open the box when I got back home. Guess what was inside?

Yes, a camera. A Kodak. Analogue. No batteries needed. I was happy – such a simple camera, but has a lot of possibilities.

Okay, fast forward to a week after that, and there I was, trying to find where to get film. I went to a local lab (that I found accidentally) and they were going to throw out a bunch of films. I asked for it, and they gave them for free. A bunch of Superia 100s that expired back in 2005. Wow.

More weeks passed. I shot one roll of film (that I haven’t developed yet), and another surprise came. My first SLR camera. It was lying on a shelf, almost dead. A Zenit 12XP. Beautiful Russian camera, a real tank in durability. Again, I asked for it, and it was given to me without any problem. The mirror wasn’t going up when the shutter was fired, but a small push with my finger had it started working again flawlessly.

Here are some details. I was drooling over it.

And that lens, oh my!

Okay, fast forward to three days after that. A friend of mine told me that she wanted to give me a Christmas gift. Guess what it was?

One more camera! The classic and and well-loved one by almost every analogue photographer out there!

Then, I finally managed to send my negatives for developing, and I now have them back. I haven’t scanned them all yet since it’s kind of expensive if I send them to the lab. Anyway, I started doing it with my DSLR. Here are some samples:

First photo: Thematic 80’s day. Second one: testing my Zenit.

So, that’s it! I’m looking forward to shoot even more, to create an amazing LomoHome, and to dominate my new cameras. Analogue is very different from digital, and while it’s so much harder to get into, it’s way more fun!

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