Exploring forgotten and abandoned places with Sam Horine and his Lomo


Our beloved LC-A+ joined New York City based photographer and educator Sam Horine on his trip to California, Philadelphia and Korea. Aside from being a contributor to NY Magazine, Time Out New York, The Village Voice and Gothamist, he’s also a regular explorer of forgotten, abandoned and underappreciated places.

Hi Sam! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey guys! I’m a photographer based in NYC. Professionally I work mostly in advertising and editorial, shooting both traditional and social campaigns for clients like Nike, Burger King, & Verizon. My personal interests involve travel, landscape and portraiture with a healthy dose of abandoned buildings and graffiti.

Is this your first dive into the seas of Lomography, or have you done this all before?

I’ve shot many varieties of film since getting into photography in high school from 35mm, to Polaroid & 120mm but this is the first time I’ve used the LC-A camera.

Your photos have appeared in some pretty amazing places. Which one was most exciting for you?

I was really excited to travel to Korea with Bon Appetite and Chef Eric Ripert to shoot a story on Korean food and culture this past October. I hadn’t ever been to Asia before, well aside from a trip to India in February, so it was really amazing to experience a culture so different from New York.

How did you find yourself entering the world of photography as a career?

I had always shot a lot of photos and ended up involved in the music scene in Brooklyn in the early 2000’s. I started shooting photos of bands and the crowd for venues / sponsors / blogs and eventually ended up going freelance as a photographer – first in music and then on to food, fashion and lifestyle.

Tell us something about these pictures.

These photographs conjure up a million memories that I wasn’t expecting – shooting digital is so immediate, which is great on many levels but with the LC-A, I shot photos over a period of 4 months and didn’t see any of them until I got all the film back a couple weeks ago – it was a real trip to look back on all of those intimate moments of the past year.

Which of our 10 Golden Rules is your favorite and why?

Rule #10 – Don’t care about the rules – that being said, my advice for making the best photos is to know your gear like the back of your hand – shoot as much as possible and try and develop a personal style.

In an ever growing digital world, how does film compare?

Film is always magical – love the tiny moments and accidental winners when looking through a roll of film. I also find that people pose differently when it’s film – they are somehow more relaxed as there isn’t any pressure to see the photo immediately.

What’s the best part about being a photographer in NYC?

For me it’s the sheer variety of situations and people. Every time I leave the house it’s something new; whether that’s amazing Thai food in the far reaches of Queens or the most amazingly dressed person you’ve ever seen walking down Broadway.

Any tips for our Lomographers just starting out?

My biggest learning curve was that the LC-A focuses via range and not aperture – measure twice and shoot once to quote a carpenter. That being said – have fun, get close and embrace the weird.

What’s your next big adventure?

I’m looking forward to escaping the cold dark NYC winter – perhaps Tulum in February.

Sam also serves as an adjunct instructor at NYU, where he teaches 3 to 5 classes on digital photography per year. His work has been published by The New York Times, Frieze, Art Forum, Death & Taxes, Spin, Rolling Stone, AM New York, Il Magazine, Art in America, Impose, The L Magazine and many others. He has taken part in a number of group exhibitions, most recently raising over $20,000 for hurricane Sandy relief at the Foley Gallery on the Lower East Side.

You can get up to the moment updates on twitter by following him. *@samhorine* as well as via Tumblr.

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