Taking Back Tipsters: Rangefinders

2014-01-11 1

Rangefinders are the weapons of choice by photojournalists because they’re fast, silent, and get the job done. That’s not to say that they can’t be improved further a couple of tips! Here are a few that Lomographers have concocted for Taking Back Tipsters!

You really wouldn’t get the all the fuss over rangefinders up until you’ve tried them. There’s something satisfying about having a fully manual camera complete with a fast lens in a compact package. Add in the fact that you look inconspicuous while shooting with it, and you’ll get good street photos in no time at all! But before all of that, here’s some tips from the community in using your rangefinders:

Fed 5 Rangefinder and Focus Adjustment, DIY Style by milos

Sometimes your rangefinder might have some trouble focusing correctly. Do these simple steps to remedy the situation!

How to Refurbish Your Ricoh 500G With Damaged Seals by simonesavo

The seals inside your old analogue cameras break down over time. Apply these measures to rejuvenate those seals, making your photos lightleak free!

Super Fast Focus with a Big Depth of Field- Accurate Focus is for Pansies by robotmonkey1996

We’re sure you’ve heard about hyperfocal focusing with rangefinders. This is a short and sweet explanation on how it works!

Brighten your Rangefinder with Tape! by cruzron

What sorcery is this? Make your dim rangefinder brighter by adding a little bit of tape!

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  1. mirako347
    mirako347 ·

    I am so scared to actually rip open my FED5. I can't see anything in that ><

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