Shooting Awesome Drum Solo Portraits


Want to add a little more pop to the photoshoot you’re doing with an up and coming drummer? It’s easy – just add glitter!

When shooting gigs, the drummers aren’t given as much focus as they deserve, and when they do get the attention, the shots end up looking hurried and half-assed. One way to change all of this, is to add a little glitter in your life!

This of course is under the assumption that you know the drummer and he’s willing to let you put glitter on his stuff. Just assure him that the shots will end up looking amazing, and he’ll be convinced soon enough! Watch the video below to see how exactly it works!

written by cruzron on 2014-01-10 #videos #gear #tutorials #music #portrait #photo #tipster #flash #glitter #drums #solo

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