First Photo of the Year Rumble

2014-01-10 4

What’s the first photo you took for the year? Show us and get some delicious Piggies to start the new year right!

Credits: poepel

For our first flash rumble to start off 2014, we have a simple request: show us the first photo you took for the year! It could be you going crazy once the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve, a family breakfast you had the morning after, or a random selfie you took just this morning. The only criteria we’re asking for is that it has to be the first shot you took this year.

Of course there’s no way to prove such a thing, but we trust you guys so we’ll just go with the honesty system. Since this is a rumble of firsts, there’s a maximum of 1 submission per person as well. Good luck and once again, happy new year!


  • 5 winners of 10 Piggies
  • Photos should be taken with an analogue camera. Please keep in mind our theme.
  • Photos must be at least 576px in width or height
  • Don’t forget to tag your photo uploads (Camera, Film, Accessory)

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·


  2. camerabrain
    camerabrain ·

    I could just meow

  3. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Only just got the film developed that had my first photo of the year on it. So glad I didn't miss the deadline. Quite happy with the photo considering how hit and miss my skills are. haha

  4. beblo
    beblo ·, "How about the last shot taken before new year?"

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