1800 Petzval Lens lends a beautiful vintage look to tintype portraits

2014-01-09 2

To make his birthday celebration memorable, one of our fellow lomographers in the Netherlands decided to hold a portrait session with his friends. The fun part? The portraits were all tintypes taken using an 1800 Petzval Lens. Take a look at the gorgeous portraits after the jump!

Picture-taking is almost always part of every celebration, especially during birthdays. So, it’s expected that mrmaart from Lomography Netherlands wanted something that would make the photos for his 29th birthday extra special — and that’s exactly what he got!

Our fellow lomographer invited his friends Arjen and Maron of Tin Type Studio in the Netherlands, who brought their Tin Type Mobile Studio, complete with dark room, to the party. The highlight of the unique birthday photo session, perhaps, was the 1800 Petzval Lens used to take the portraits of mrmaart and his friends. The result? Absolutely gorgeous.

Credits: mrmaart

Needless to say, our fellow lomographer was ecstatic with the beautifully vintage look rendered by the Petzval Lens. “We had lots of fun and I truly love the stunning results. We created nicely shaped paper frames with our own 1920 stamp with our initials in it,” he said in the album description.

Credits: mrmaart

While it may be difficult to score a vintage Petzval Lens and a camera to shoot with it, remember that you can achieve those swirly bokeh backgrounds and crisp headshots using the Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Art Lens! All you need is your Canon EF and Nikon F mount camera/s and you’re all set! Pre-order your New Petzval Art Lens here!

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    Hi @mrmaart! :)

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    cool! thanks @plasticpopsicle and hi @zonderbar !

    better check out these three pictures who are scanned in better quality: www.lomography.com/homes/mrmaart/albums/1996959-tintype-tri…

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