My Analogue Resolutions for 2014


Year 2013 has passed and it’s time to start another one on a clean slate and full of hope. What are the things you resolve on doing or changing for the next 365 days? Here’s mine!

Credits: cruzron

To shoot more

It’s easy to give excuses on the lack of shooting. I’m busy with work, and when I do get off work, the light is gone… One can literally drum up a thousand reasons not to shoot and there’s nothing you can do about it except to say enough is enough, and actually pick up the camera, hold it up to your eye, and click. It’s time to make time.

Choose a long term photography project and work on it

I’ve always wanted to start the 100 strangers project, while I’ve failed in finishing project 365 and Project one (I really recommend the latter, for those looking for something to do this year!). I resolve that this year to finish, or at the very least, gain some traction on one photographic project. Wish me luck!


Lugging a camera bag as heavy as yourself does not lend to a pleasant shooting experience. You get lazy in recognizing good shots, as you don’t want to be bothered rummaging through the bottomless cavern that is your bag. Once you actually have the camera in your hands, the moment has passed. Simplifying removes these factors from the equation and gives you more room and more freedom to work.

Go analogue

This, I feel, is the most important resolution to make all year. For me it means going offline and being unplugged. I’m guilty (and I know most of you are) of spending too much time on the internet. All this time dicking around reading memes and watching cat videos (they’re so cute though) could be spent on more productive endeavors, such as cleaning the house, reading a book, planting a tree, and of course, shooting outside in the sun.

How about you guys? What are your Lomographic new year’s resolutions?

written by cruzron on 2014-01-08 #lifestyle #new-year #resolution #2014

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