An In-Depth Interview with Petzval Enthusiast Geoffrey Berliner


It is with our great pleasure to talk to Geoffrey Berliner, executive director of the Penumbra Foundation and the Center for Alternative Photography in New York City. Another interesting tidbit is that he has an impressive (and very vast!) collection of over 2000 vintage Petzval Lenses!

Naturally, we were curious about his thoughts on the new Lomography Petzval Lens project.

“It was very exciting for me, because here’s something I’ve been excited about for many, many years. Not just for the lens, not just for Lomography, not just for Petzval, but also for Penumbra Foundation – for what we’re trying to do for alternative photographic processes, for the history of photography.”

Watch the full interview below!

Pre-order your Petzval Lens now and don’t forget to visit the Petzval site for more information!

written by shhquiet on 2014-01-10 #news #videos #collection #petzval-lens #geoffrey-berliner #petzval-art-lens

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