Analogue Resolutions for 2014: A Little More & A Little Less

It’s 2014! A new year begins, and for me it’s my second year as a lomographer. I’ve had enough reflections on 2013 and now it’s important to look forward and focus on my resolutions.

Resolution No. 1: Try black and white
Anyone who knows me would know of my monochrome reservations. When I started with Lomography last in the summer, my first pictures bewitchingly colorful.

Credits: dopa

Although I had already used two black-and-white films before, I was reluctant, because it seemed counterproductive.

Credits: dopa

On my trip to Berlin in December, my dearest used a black-and-white film with the LC-A. On the other hand I tried it the Diana F + with “Earl Grey”: film.

Perhaps choosing to shoot in black-and-white depends on the subject. I guess I’ll have less of the “don’t think just shoot” philosophy.

Resolution No. 2:Stay away from the L-button
In 2013, I had so much fun on I could actually look at fantastic images everyday. And I was quite fast with the L button, which allows you to “like and [go] to the next” picture. So I fabricated approximately 76,000 likes in half a year; I frequenly liked just any image in an album. However, this makes it impossible for the creator of the images to get a differentiated view of his work, and genuine feedback on which images are particularly good.

In 2014 I will handle things differently, so my recipients will find more value in my likes.

Resolution No.3: More, more, more
“More, more, more” means in this case, means more pictures, more reviews of my various cameras, more Dianas, more swaps, more competitions, more blog posts, and more Lomo walls. It is my resolution to have much more content in my Lomo Home.

written by dopa on 2014-01-10 #lifestyle #resolutions #community #likes #2014
translated by dopa

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