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2014-01-07 4

Who would have thought that it wouldn’t be a third party developer but Kodak itself to publish a film app? Find out more about it after jump!

It seems that Kodak Alaris is really stepping their game up in making film fanatics happy. Their Kodak Professional Film App is a godsend for film lovers like you and I.

Curious about the different kinds of film currently on the market and how to shoot it? Want to find out the closest place to buy your favorite Kodak film, or are you looking for a lab to develop it? All this information is in this neat little app, which more importantly, is completely free! It also features a black and white processing tool and a sun calculator as a cherry on top.

Have you downloaded the app yet? Let us know your feedback here in the comments!

Check out the app on iTunes!

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  1. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    Only iOs? What about Android and Windows Phone users?

  2. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    They need to get this onto android.

  3. willyb311
    willyb311 ·

    I have it and use it often. It's a solid app and organizes the information well making finding what you need to know easy!

  4. grahamwestwoodphotography
    grahamwestwoodphotography ·

    Well done didn't bother with keeping up with digital photography and destroyed the company and now you can't keep up with the most popular phone OS system. Why is this not on Android?

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