Making Your Own Canvas Portrait

2014-01-06 2

Photo prints on canvas are one of the best ways to artfully display your best Lomographs. Having it done professionally might be a bit expensive, so we have a DIY solution for you to try out!

Photo from abeautifulmess

Photos printed on canvas have this rustic look that’s similar to fine art at the same time. It looks complicated to do but in truth, it’ll be one of the simplest photo projects you can immerse yourself during a weekend!


  • Stretched canvas (a 4×6 or 8×10 one would be a nice starting point)
  • Gel medium
  • Paint brush
  • Copy of photo you want to use. Note that the image will be reversed, so either stick with it, or flip it over in Photoshop.
  • Spray bottle filled with water


  1. Cover the canvas with the gel medium using the paint brush. Make sure the coat is nice and thick.
  2. Press the photo onto the canvas and let it dry overnight.
  3. If it’s already completely dry, use the spray bottle to wet the top of the paper.
  4. Rub the surface of the paper until pieces start to fall out. Your image will be revealed bit by bit, but please be patient as this step takes time.
  5. Once the whole image is revealed, cover the canvas with a last coating of gel medium to seal and protect your work of art!
Photo from abeautifulmess

Information for this article was sourced from abeautifulmess

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  1. aguillem
    aguillem ·

    It looks very similar with the likk below, so I guess the pictures should be stamped with laser printer too?…

  2. chocochipcookie
    chocochipcookie ·

    I've found laser printed images work for me doing this method. However, I have also heard of people printing on transparency sheets using a photo inkjet printer to printer the images. I have not tried the inkjet method myself yet so I have no idea if that works. But using a laser printed version of your image works (both color and black and white laser printed images). I use Golden gel medium, it's pricey but I find it's worth it. However, Mod Podge works just as great too, and if you really need to save money, mix about a half and half solution of white glue (school glue) and water in a cup and that will create a matte finish drying medium.

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