Monday Moodboard: The Lines We Cross


Poetry was never one of my strengths as a writer, but sometimes, verses find a way to squeeze themselves out from the deep recesses of my mind onto paper or a text editor. Seeing one of my old lomographs somewhat prompted me to write a piece of Lomo-Literature, albeit a very random and mediocre one.

I’ve loved poetry since I was very young, but I also found out early that this literary art form is something I may never be able to master. So, whenever the gods of poetry seem to whisper verses to me, I jot them down as quick as I can. It’s a hit-and-miss thing, though; I sometimes get their message right, but most of the time, I miss everything altogether.

Very recently, though, I must have been really receptive because the verses below — albeit mediocre at best — flowed freely moments after I saw one of my old lomographs. The next time inspiration for creative writing strikes, who knows, maybe I’ll even try writing something for LomoLit.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

I may never know if I crossed any line
or broken through a hidden barrier
when I said, “I want to swim into your universe.”

The streets I roamed, the paths I took,
some of them crossed with yours.
Whether it was fate at work

or the handiwork of some unseen
wordsmith hungry for a plot twist,
we may never know.

Oh, the lines we cross
the secrets we spill
the tangled webs we weave.

written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-01-06 #news #poetry #lomography #literature #lomolit #monday-moodboard #monday-moodboard-plasticpopsicle

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