Lomography Day Trips: Alternative Guide to Prague


Prague is one of the most beautiful cities not just in Europe but also in the world. It is full of history and historic buildings, beautiful parks and other amazing places. But it is the same as it is with other things in life, if you visit Prague frequently it sure gets kind of boring seeing the same things over and over again.

Since one of my best friends moved to Prague, I’ve been visiting the city once or twice every year. I’m sure I’ve seen it in all seasons and it is a truly amazing place to visit. Old square is really magnificent (although it can get really crowded) and just walking around Prague makes it a really great experience.

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But as I said, it might get boring after so many visits. This is why every time I go there, I try to see at least one new thing in Prague I have not seen before. I mean, Prague is a big city so it’s not so hard to find something new, but at the same time it should be something I am at least a bit interested in.

I actually love to read. I read a lot and almost every time I got a free second. And that is why I thought it should be quite appropriate i visited Franz Kafka’s grave. I mean, we all know The Metamorphosis, right? You can find Kafka’s grave in the New Jewish Cemetery in Žižkov. Žižkov is actually one of my favorite parts of Prague because it’s a little bit more bohemian and has a lot of really great galleries, second-hand shops, parks and pubs. I think Žižkov is the perfect place for Kafka. You can find the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague’s center but the new one is around ten times bigger. Even though it is called “new” there’s nothing new about it. We only have one Jewish cemetery in Slovenia, that’s why I was so excited to see this one. Jewish cemeteries are just so much different than Catholic ones. I went to the cemetery on a foggy day, and with every stone looking so old and surrounded by trees, it made the experience really awesome.

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There are also two Catholic cemeteries next to the New Jewish Cemetery, one of them being Olšany Cemetery, which is the biggest cemetery in Prague.

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One other attraction that is also really special and I love is Lennon’s Wall. It doesn’t have that much to do with John Lennon (though I really like Lennon and his music) but it’s about what this wall represents. It’s actually named after Lennon not because he visited it but because of his attitude towards peace and love. As a true pacifist he inspired young Czechs, who used this wall in times of the communist regime around 1988, to write their thoughts on it. The police used to wash it off but even after the regime fell the graffiti never stopped. They tried to stop it and even painted the wall a couple of times but they stopped doing that in recent years. It was really awesome when I visited it a couple a years ago, but when I saw it last year it was quite a mess with all those colors. The big Lennon graffiti has gone almost invisible so maybe it would be the best to painted it all and start again. Just a thought. But, it is still worth a visit because even though it’s just around the corner of a busy and crowded Charles Bridge, it’s a little oasis of peace.

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I love big cities because even though you think you’ve seen it all, it is never like that. Big cities are like a never ending fantasy book, you just take two steps out of the common road and you discover a whole new exciting world.

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