More Purple-Tinted Snaps Taken with the Lomochrome Purple

2014-01-06 1

Here’s a selection of the newest photographs from around the community taken using the lovely Lomochrome Purple!

Credits: hburgess, moodification, le_ors, sobetion, gatokinetik-o, koduckgirl, haberkernphoto, lilithmoon & frau_wo

As you can see in the photos in this gallery and the ones uploaded to the community, the *Lomochrome Purple* gives almost all sorts of interesting effects depending on the subject it was used on. Generally many like it for its ability to make photos of nature scenery and animals look beautifully surreal, but it also lends a vintage, classy vibe to cityscapes and – with the right settings – even portraits. Coupled with your camera, it gives ample room for fun analogue experiments!

Looking to stock up on film? Make sure to include the Lomochrome Purple in your list! It’s currently available for pre-order, so make sure to get yours. The estimated shipping date is in February 2014, so pre-order yours now in the Online Shop!

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