The Spot to Shoot: Restrooms All Over the World


I have bathrooms addiction. Haha. There.. I’ve said it. Nope! It’s not due to weak bladder. But something better.

If Satomi loves to shoot her cat, Lomo_bernis his new born baby, Panelomo his beloved wife, and Cinzinc who seems to hunt bajaj, the next question will be this. Where’s your favorite place to shoot? It can be night markets, playlands, parks. It took me a while to realize this. But I love to shoot in the restroom. Almost every roll of mine has at least one bathroom scene.

Admit it. It’s nice taking pictures in the bathroom:

1. All the mirrors. All the reflections. oh my. I feel like a Snow White, only cooler, with a Lomo LC-A.
2. Self portraits. I can’t get enough of those.
3. When you do (emm.. pardon) your business in some strange antique restrooms and get nothing else to do until you finish, well, you can always shoot. I’ve done this. Comics and magazines are usually good company. Your camera can be too.
4. I love antique, minimalist, classic, state of the art bathrooms. Whenever I see one, I always shoot.
5. There are times you actually feel you look quite okay today and can’t help it but to just steal one picture of yourself, don’t you? Do it in the bathroom! :p

So.. Whenever you have the urge to release yourself, just do it with a camera. : D Cheerz.

So.. Whenever you have the urge to release yourself, just do it with a camera. : D Cheerz.Anybody care to say where your favorite place in town to shoot is?

written by elindudut on 2010-03-25 #news #bathroom #location #favorite-place


  1. ritamiguel
    ritamiguel ·

    go bathroom, go! x) lol i like to shoot my friends wherever in town! and the town itself, as well

  2. coldkennels
    coldkennels ·

    I have to admit, I was quizzical when I saw the title of the post, but these are really nice photos! 5, 6, and 7 are all particularly lovely.

    Me? I shoot the sea. I have so many damned photos of the beach, or the sea, or off the cliffs. I just can't resist. I remember showing one friend through a supersampler roll so she could see what it did, and being a bit embarrassed when there were 6 consecutive shots of the waves...

  3. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    ha ha, love it --- huge fan of bathroom fun too

  4. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    hahaha - thanks for the mention. :) nice photos!... this should be a lomolocation, right? LOL

  5. ceduxi0n
    ceduxi0n ·

    I do this thing where I take pictures of my friends and family brushing their teeth. Always funny. We should have a bathroom rumble hahaha

  6. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    yay toilet! ur gallery is great =)
    "So.. Whenever you have the urge to release yourself, just do it with a camera." - funny!hahah!
    yes i have a thing for those commuter tricycles, i dont know why, but yeah..hehe.
    don't forget to flush! =p

  7. lomoteddy
    lomoteddy ·

    haahahha, this is a really fun article ... and yes i can admit it, it is fun taking pics in the bathroom, i should do it more often...omg but pls flush first....hehehhe... i saw this one pic once, i think the girl forgot to flush before she started taking sexy pics for her

  8. satomi
    satomi ·

    great article! very funny:D and thank you for mentioning my name! I do love taking pics of my kitties:) #2 and 6 are really beautiful!

  9. ceduxi0n
    ceduxi0n ·

    @lomoteddy - i totally know which picture you're talking about lol

  10. stouf
    stouf ·

    Great post elindudut !!!

  11. tveden
    tveden ·

    Really like your point of view and that last pic in the gallery is so cool.

  12. elindudut
    elindudut ·

    thanks lots! :D

  13. rose_screw_selavy
    rose_screw_selavy ·

    haha, finally someone who shares my weird urge to photograph in bathrooms! the thing is, with digital cameras getting smaller and smaller, my smena symbol suddenly seems more conspicious (my digital camera is also visible). add that to the fact that most public bathrooms have people in them and most people will think i'm some kind of pervert if i photograph them in a bathroom...

  14. rose_screw_selavy
    rose_screw_selavy ·

    ...or photograph anything at all.

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