DIY Tape Picture Frames

2014-01-05 1

Moved to a new place and want a nice and quick way to decorate and display photos? All you need is tape!

Photo by designsponge

If you want to decorate your home or work space with your favorite Lomographs but can’t or don’t want to drive a nail to the wall, washi tape is the way!

Washi what? Washi tapes are colorful tapes of different designs that originates from Japan. It best resembles masking tape, and it is a crafter’s wet dream.

Photo by designsponge

Anyway, for quick framing, just stick a photo you like on the wall using double sided tape, then add on washi tapes as you please, creating a unique frame! Try it out for your self!

Photo by designsponge

Information for this article was sourced from designsponge

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