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Need a negative film that will bring out all the best colors during a sunny day? The Lomography Color Negative 100 gives you fine-grained smoothness and knockout hues, which are key factors in delivering amazing photos that are both sharp and vivid. Read on for community reviews for this stunning film.

Credits: simonesavo

In Love with Film: Lomography CN 100 by simonesavo

This is a fine film, with natural colours and is faithful. Thanks to the low sensitivity the Lomography CN 100 is a film that is in almost all situations, a little like the old Kodak Color Plus and can be used almost always, with good results.

Lomography CN 100: Cool(ish) Tones and a Great Film for Exposed Sprockets by sunsetsandsilhouettedreams

By being a relatively neutral (if not slightly cool) film, Lomography CN 100 lets your camera shine and is a favorite film of mine for exposed sprockets.

Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO : Best Film for Artificial Coloring by sandravo

Lomography’s CN100 is a great film to experiment because of its great consistency, realistic color representation and low grain. The colors you get using CN100 film are usually a fairly good representation of what you see through the viewfinder the moment you make the shot. No more, no less. Which is exactly why it is such a great film for me: I know that no matter what I throw at it, I have a consistent baseline on which to build and compare the results.

Credits: jutei

Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO 35 mm – Works for me! by jutei

I used to think that color negative films makes your life boring and uninspiring. In some cases they really do that, but with Lomography CN100, negative life gets much more enjoyable!

Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO 35mm Film: Lover of the Sun by syerowoo

A very simple film to fall in love with! A perfect pairing with the sun and light. You won’t be disappointed with this baby

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