Taking Back Tipsters: Destroying Film


Welcome the new year with a bang by trying these tipsters on destroying your film. Take caution though, as these aren’t for the faint of heart!

It might sound strange to destroy things so early in the year, but think of it as purging the demons of 2013 and starting anew! We’ve collected below some Tipsters from the community regarding the beauty behind the destruction of film. yes, there is such a thing. Have a look see for this year’s first ever Taking Back Tipsters!

Initiation to Film Destroying by lomographer-88

Destroying your film might sound simple, but here is a process behind it. Method to the madness, so to speak. Here’s a couple of pointers!

Experiment Number 1: Bleaching a Roll of Film by simonesavo

Bleach isn’t just for cleaning stubborn stains in the kitchen – it gives great effects on your Lomographs as well!

Film Destroying With Lemonade by jazz_cafe

lemonade is the best drink to have around when you’re developing your films. You get a thirst quenching beverage AND funky effects out of it!

Give Your Film Soup A Theme by metobi

You can add a lot more soul to your photos by adding an element from the scene – dunking the film in the lake you’re shooting, perhaps?

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

They Call Me The Filmdestroyer by cohetesnaranjas

Do you still have some leftover wine from the holidays? Treat your film to some Bordeaux and you’re guaranteed to get interesting (and tipsy) results!

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