A Christmas Carol Rumble Winner Announcement

2014-01-03 5

The holidays are finally over and it’s time to get back to the daily grind. But before that, here are the winners of the A Christmas Carol Rumble!

Decorating your house or your Christmas tree in festive garb is one of the best family activities to do in preparation for the holidays, and it is no different here at your home away from home, your LomoHome! LomoWalls serve as a welcome sign to all the visitors of your humble LomoHome, so it’s always best to keep it updated! The Christmas Carol Rumble asked for Christmas themed LomoWalls to reflect the festive spirit of the season, and we’re still full of holiday cheer! Sadly there were some late submissions so we had to exclude them from the judging process. Anyway, here are the winners of 10 Piggies each. Congratulations!


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  1. bnjmn
    bnjmn ·

    Thank you much. Congratulations to all winners!

  2. stacy_mcpommes
    stacy_mcpommes ·

    Uuuh thanks! And congrats to all other winners! :)

  3. monkeydance
    monkeydance ·

    wow, thaaaanks :D
    congrats to all!

  4. badjuju
    badjuju ·


  5. badjuju
    badjuju ·

    @cruzron Do we get badges in our homes for this?

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