Terrific Tangerine Shots Courtesy of the Lomography Redscale Lobster 110 Film

2014-01-03 2

Bathe in the sun with the amazing candy orange and yellow tones brought to you by no other than the Lomography Redscale Lobster 110 Film.

Credits: hanshendley

Sunsets are nice. Sounds tacky, I know but there’s something lovely about the warm paint strokes that a sunset brings to everything it touches. Or maybe I’m just being a tad bit dramatic but my main point is sunsets are cool! It’s a good thing that you can carry sunsets in your pocket with the Lomography Redscale Lobster 110 Film!

Meant to be carried around wherever you go, this handy dandy pocketful of sunsets is your next best thing to the real deal. You’ll get the same lovely effects of redscale in a convenient package that you can use with your cute 110 cameras! Redscale is the way to go if you love sunsets too, just make sure that you have the right amount of light for your shots and you’re good to go! Stay warm this New Year and carry lovely sunsets in your pocket for quick lo-fi shooting.

Credits: hanshendley, marta_amabile, bnjmn, kleeblatt, cryboy & opon21

Most of the photos featured in this gallery post were taken with the trusty combo of the Diana Baby 110 and the Lomography Redscale Lobster 110 Film. Liked what you saw? You can get this cool camera and film combo at the Online Shop for easy and convenient shopping. As if that wasn’t good news, you can get 30% discount on films when you buy them with a camera! Fill your shopping carts now while the offer lasts and save a ton on film!

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  1. ezakimak
    ezakimak ·

    I have a Diana Baby 110! Still working my way through my first roll on it :-)

  2. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    A big sunset thank you to users @hanshendley, @marta_amabile, @bnjmn, @pakoromero, @kleeblatt, @cryboy, and @opon21 nice shooting!

    @ekazimak will still have to try the DIY version, looks so cool! Show us the results when you're done!:)

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