Mario Zucca Compiles Most Popular Events and Stories of 2013 in an Illustrated Collage


See how many you can identify in this almost dizzying yet creative metropolis-like collage!

It goes without saying that many things have happened in the year that just ended, and illustrator Zucca’s _Here’s to 2013!_ serves as a wonderful reminder of these. Featuring almost 90 pop culture references, relevant personalities, and news stories that made it to the public’s consciousness last year, the collage was created by Zucca for American PR agency Beutler Ink. According to the artist, it was “staged in a Times Square-like setting.”

‘Here’s to 2013’ by Mario Zucca. Photo via Mario Zucca Illustration

Have trouble recognizing some of the images? If it helps, Zucca has also provided an illustration where he loosely mapped his final output!

Zucca’s loosely mapped illustration (top) and pencil sketch (bottom) of ‘Here’s to 2013!’ Photo via Mario Zucca Illustration

Head on to Mario Zucca Illustration to learn about his process of creating this cool collage, as well as his favorites areas in it!

All information in this article were sourced from Mario Zucca Illustration via DesignTAXI.

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