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Unleash a wide world full of color and detail! The La Sardina camera may be small, but it packs a punch of color with an incredible 89° field of view wide-angle lens. It has quickly become a mainstay in many a Lomographer’s camera bag, as evidenced by this week’s Reviews on Rewind!

La Sardina Belle Starr - Not Just a Pretty Name by headlock

When it finally arrived I spent a fair amount of time just gazing at its sheer beauty. It is engraved with very detailed artwork and a ram skull Also something I noticed straight away was that the camera feels very sturdy, it doesn’t feel like a toy camera at all.

Credits: hervinsyah

La Sardina : Awesome Large View on a Normal Frame Camera by hervinsyah

When I read the book that’s included in the camera box I was quite surprised knowing that this camera was inspired by a retro camera inspired by a sardine can. I’m still amazed by people’s innovation in the past.

Rediscovering La Sardina, The Perfect Night Companion! by susielomovitz

La Sardina + Fritz the Blitz Flash is the perfect camera for shooting indoors! Its wide angle lenses allow you to make good portraits capturing the magic of its surroundings, you can adjust the flash power, do doubles and photography all the details of the night in analogue!

La Sardina: The Camera You Can Trust! by abecd

La Sardina is my first analogue camera. Since my first day with the camera, I knew that it was the camera that I will always bring everywhere. The wide angle lens made me fall in love on the first roll. It feels like my photography skill is growing up with it. So for that, I really recommend you to buy a La Sardina!

La Sardina Moonassi: An Unexpected Dream by lokified

So final verdict? I’m glad I ended up with the La Sardina. It may have its foibles, but the results speak to themselves.

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