Taking Back Tipsters: La Sardina

2013-12-28 1

Dive in the wild and wide world of the La Sardina, with its cool and vintage looking sardine can exterior, you’re sure to get reeled in! Ultra wide shots aren’t all it offers though, we’ve got tips and techniques straight from the community in this week’s Taking Back Tipsters!

The La Sardina might look simple from the outside, but underneath the hood is an incredibly versatile machine! Let’s not discount the ingenuity of Lomographers themselves, though. With these two things combined, magic happens! Here’s a few techniques that some users have conjured up:

Turn Your La Sardina Into a Square Miracle! by pearlgirl77

Who says that your La Sardina has to be confined in a rectangular format? Get square or be square!

La Sardina Accessories: Make Your Own DIY by abecd

Making seamless split multiple exposures will be a piece of cake once you have a DIY Splitzr on hand. Make one now!

Summer Photography: La Sardina Is For The Sun! by abecd

The La Sardina loves the sun! Here’s a couple of tips on how to maximize your La Sardina during the summer season.

Credits: adam_g2000

Basics Applied: La Sardina by adam_g2000

The Sunny 16 rule is a godsend. Find out how to use it properly with the La Sardina in tow.

La Sardina DIY - Love Letters Design by merveengin

It’s still two months away from Valentine’s, but here’s a nice gift idea for you to try out.

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