Surreal Landscape Photographs Taken with the LC-A+ Splitzer


Be the master of your analogue universe with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Splitzer!

Credits: gocchin, marshall4480, vici, trw, istionojr, shooooter, jeng & fotobes

Make your landscape photos more breathtaking by creating entirely new worlds with the *LC-A+ Splitzer*. With just a few twists of the plastic blades, you can make even seascapes and cityscapes meet in a single photograph!

Were you lucky enough to snag a Lomo LC-A+ for the holidays? Why don’t you treat yourself and your toy to the LC-A+ Splitzer! Or if you haven’t, get yours from the Lomography Online Shop now – we’re taking 30% off when you also buy film for your new camera!

written by chooolss on 2013-12-31 #lifestyle #landscape #lc-a #lc-a-splitzer #gallery-post

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